Safe Solo Travel

Solo travel always brings risks with it, but doesn’t mean it brings great adventure!! Check out Unravel Travel’s great post on how to stay safe!

Unravel Travel

Travelling alone can be a highly enjoyable experience. You get to do virtually whatever you want, without having to compromise based on who you’re with. You get the opportunity to make new friends, both with locals and other travellers. However, travelling alone raises new safety concerns. Below are some tips to ensure that your experience travelling alone is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

  • Know where you’re going! Before you even leave home research where you’ll be travelling extensively. Figure out the neighbourhoods, and what areas you need to stay away from in addition to researching what stuff you want to do
  • Give your friends and family an itinerary, and keep them updated regularly during your trip
  • Sign up to Smart Traveller before you leave – that way if anything happens in your destination the government can help track you down
  • Book accommodation in secure neighbourhoods, closer to the city…

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2 thoughts on “Safe Solo Travel

  1. Travelling solo, is an eye opening experience which teaches you about yourself more so then any other experience so far in my life! If you get the chance to do it, DO IT!.

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