Tehran Calling

In many ways, Tehran is no different to many other cities around the world with concrete office buildings, congested, chaotic roads and pollution.  But Tehran has much more to give than smog and hustle and bustle.

Some say it is the beating heart of Iran.  It is Iran’s most secular and liberal city where women are less inclined to wear the traditional chador, and instead opt for more colourful, transparent, or even tight fitting garments.

A city full of students paired with a treasure chest of activities makes for a fun and lively destination.  Whether haggling for great bargains in the markets, sipping on some chay (tea) or dizi (stew) in a buzzing teahouse, soaking in the east’s most contemporary art in one of the many galleries, or visiting a majestic palace, Tehran has it all.

Tehran Bazar

The best way to soak up the hustle and bustle is to take part in the playful bargaining at the Tehran Bazar.  The Bazar covers more than 10 kilometres of lanes and has several entrances.  Needless to say, the maze of alleyways and shopfronts is overwhelming at the least, confusing, chaotic and jungle-like.  The Bazar sells everything from gold and semi-precious stones, to spices or clothing. With over 4000 carpet merchants in just 60 passageways its no surprise that here’s where you’ll likely find the best bargain on Persian carpets.


Carpet Museum of Iran

Dating from the 17th century the Carpet Museum houses over 100 pieces.  A myriad of patterns and styles indicate the different regions of ancient Persia, and make for a fascinating and informative showcase.


Unveiling Iran


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