Fashion Designers Against Fashion Police

You may have heard of Iran’s few and far between ‘Fashion Police’ who regulate how women present themselves in public.

So far, the new Rouhani government has brought a more relaxed attitute towards the morality police, and is much more lenient on western influence and the expression of culture.

Fashion designer Shadi Parand has been working for nearly 30 years,  inspired by her couturier mother who also had a passion for all things patterned, colourful, interesting, and unique.  In a short documentary by the Guardian, Shadi explains Iran’s nature of “Inside and Outside fashion.”  On the inside, Shadi says Iranian women as the same as western women, and wear beautifully colourful, patterned, and unique clothing.  On the outside, they wear hijabs or chardors, which she believes is similarly “sexy.”

“Iran is a country of contrast and contradiction.  We have our own way.  We are the ones who impose what has to be done” – Shadi Parand

Shadi seems like an incredibly liberated, powerful and determined women in spite of her sex, place of birth, or religion.  It is so rare that we are exposed to this wonderful side of Iranian people, and is an absolute pleasure to finally see it in western media.

We highly recommend you watch this insightful documentary:


Unveiling Iran


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