Meet Iran’s US Football Coach

Dan Gaspar is a 58 year old American, living and working in Tehran, Iran.  He is also the Assistant Coach for the Iranian soccer team.

“My experience is not one I’ve seen on TV or read in a newspaper. I live here, it’s real life,” said Gaspar.

“It may sound strange to most people, but I’ve worked on four continents and Iran is one of the safest places I’ve worked in,” he said. “When I read and hear and see things through the media and then go out to the balcony of my apartment and look into Tehran that is not what I see.”

“You would be surprised, it is very multicultural, far more than I had anticipated,” he said.

“Out and about in the city, when people discover that I’m an American they are interested by it,” he said. “It opens up a discussion, in a positive way.  I have had no negative reactions.”

Read more about Dan Gaspar’s experience here.
Unveiling Iran

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