Goodbye Annoying Visas

Iran is about to become a lot more accessible to tourists worldwide…


Visas were one of the main challenges in crossing the boarders into Iran.  These valuable slips of paper and stamps were once difficult to obtain, where officials have been very reluctant in handing them out, and sceptical of traveler’s motivation.  The entire process was overly bureaucratic and much too difficult.

Things are about to change.  In an effort to increase tourism to the ancient country, the government has overhauled many of its strict immigration rules, and eased up on visa requirements, even considering abolishing them for good.

Mohammad-Ali Najafi, a vice-president and head of the country’s heritage and tourism organisation says, “After the next two or three months, I predict that the number of foreign tourists who come to visit Iran … will greatly increase,”

Najafi said the authorities will divide tourists into three categories: tourists in the first group will not need a visa; visitors in the second group will be allowed in without a visa as long as they are part of an organised tour group; and visa procedures for the third group will be eased – meaning that many will be able to obtain a visa on arrival.

“Western countries will most probably be categorised in the second or third group,” he said.

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Unveiling Iran


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